Treatment pricing:

• Shiatsu treatment on the futon or table (around 1 hour) •  €  55

• Shiatsu Namikoshi complete Basic Technique on the futon or table (around 90 minutes) •  €  80

• Shiatsu on the chair (around 25 minutes) • €  30

• Shiatsu in your own home: it is possible to organize a treatment at your own place  •  €  25 plus treatment costs

Treatments are available at Dananda Yoga studio on the following days:

Wednesday and Thursday from 12.30 to 16.30

Friday from 12.30 to 18.30     (on some Fridays it is possible to book a treatment until 21.00;  if you are interested please contact me for availability)

Monday mornings and Saturday afternoons are possible on request.

For treatments in your own home, please ask for the availability.

You can book a treatment by filling the contact form, sending me an e-mail or through a message or phone call on my mobile.

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