My name is Lorenzo Pescatori – an Italian living in Nederland. In 2018 I moved to Utrecht to join my girlfriend during the last part of her pregnancy. In the last year, I was mainly focused on our family, the baby, and the house. Slowly, I began setting up my massage practice here in Nederland.

I have been a sensitive and empathic person from when I can remember. Probably this is the reason why I have always been interested in the care for people in different ways. I have been taking care of my grandmother when she was sick, during the last part of her life. Fifteen years later, I was doing the same with my father.

In 2003 I started my path on body care. I first studied Reiki in Italy. Then in 2004, I studied the Ayurvedic massage Abhyanga in India, in a small village called McLeod Ganj, with a teacher coming from Kerala (the country of Ayurveda). Since then I practised the Ayurvedic massage as a side job. In the next years, I studied other forms of massage with oil.

In 2010, during a period of a high level of stress, I was experiencing a very hard and painful contraction on my left shoulder that was almost not allowing me to work. After a few treatments with three different osteopaths, without any results, a friend of mine suggested me to go to a Shiatsu practitioner that he knew. After the first treatment, the tension was already almost gone. Of course, it has been a process, and it took a few weeks and treatments, besides me doing stretching at home. But I was totally amazed by the changes I felt already after the first session.
I didn’t really know what Shiatsu was until that moment, but THAT was the moment in which I thought: “I need to study this technique!”

In 2011 I joined my first course with a long time trained and very skilled teacher. After completing my first year of study I started working as a Shiatsu practitioner. Since then Shiatsu became my main treatment and focus. In 2014 and 2015 I studied Shiatsu in a new school, in which I proudly got my Namikoshi Shiatsu Professional Therapist diploma.

I am excited to have started my new adventure in Nederland and to be the proud owner of my own practice since October 2018. You are all welcome!

Besides being passionate about Shiatsu and my family, I also love cooking, gardening and growing my own plants, building and fixing things.

This is me, Lorenzo Pescatori.

My name is Lorenzo Pescatori. Who am I?

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