A Shiatsu treatment helps to relieve muscle tensions and to reduce the stress level

A Shiatsu treatment helps to relieve muscle tensions and to reduce stress level

Welcome to Back to the Body, welcome to my Shiatsu practice in Utrecht!

Me giving a Shiatsu treatment

All of us, in our rushed daily life, can experience physical and mental stress, unbalances, muscle tensions, and acute or chronic pains. Of course, all of this can affect our body and make our life heavier.
While this causes us discomfort and annoyance, as it is not always linked to a medical condition, traditional medicine is not best placed to help. This is where I come in!

In my practice, I mostly use the Shiatsu Namikoshi, a pressure point technique that I have been studying and practising since 2011.

Sometimes I integrate other techniques into a Shiatsu treatment when I feel that is beneficial. These include a gentle bodywork called Sotai-ho, some movements taken from stretching or Yoga, and the Bach flower remedies.

The focus of the treatments will be on relieving tensions, calming the mind, and rebalancing emotional and energetic states: so to allow the body to become more alive and limber.
At the same time, we will work on increasing the general level of well-being and promoting the self-healing abilities of your body.

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